What is Liberation Psychotherapy?

Liberation Psychotherapy is:

Empirical - which means that it holds to a scientific standard. Real has to do with what works and 'what works' is explained in ways that can be verified. We take the position that psychotherapy will only be a legitimate scientific field when it has a basic unit like all other sciences. One observable feeling provides that standard. From that small unit, an entire discipline is developed. (We explain this in the SASHET feeling paper.)

Liberation Psychotherapy's goal over and over again, will be to assist you to make sense of human behavior by knowing how the mind works. In the process you will gain a depth which will enable you to understand yourself and others, and even help them - if that is your goal. Our name tells what we are: a system dedicated to providing freedom for individuals. Judge us on that basis.

Along the way of learning Liberation Psychotherapy, a person passes most of the markers of traditional therapeutic systems of the Twentieth Century. Name the system and it has likely been our teacher: psychoanalysis, Jungian analysis, transactional analysis, gestalt therapy, and 'on through the valley of ' . . . helpful therapies rides our theory collecting this and that piece. We think you will find the trip exciting even though there are hills to climb and even deserts to traverse. We'll provide the maps; you strike the steady pace that leads to victory. Best regards on your journey.

Understanding Liberation Psychotherapy requires an honest awareness of your own body as you talk, encounter, and experience life - nothing less, nothing more. Psychological liberation begins when you have moment-by-moment personal knowledge of six primary feelings: Sadness, Anger, Scare, Happiness, Excitement and Tenderness. (Acronym: SASHET). Those six feelings provide the compass through the mind eventually bringing you to a quiet and powerful understanding of yourself and the ability to have a successful relationship.

Liberation Psychotherapy is an educational psychotherapy in that full information is given to accompany the traveler taking the feeling journey through the unconscious. It is, as it sounds, the healing and liberation of the soul - the innermost integrity of each individual. To accomplish that clear charts are provided.

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